Help Us Learn

During the month of July..........

we will review our numbers, all of the letters of the alphabet, colors and shapes

     Parents, we welcome each of you to come in and help our students learn even more.  Many of you have some great talents that we would love for you to come in and share them with our students.  Some of you might even have very exciting jobs that would be of interest for our children to hear about.  So, please let us know when your schedules will allow for you to come in and visit with us.

To Our Parents........From Your Child's Classroom

-Infant House-

     This month we will continue working on gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills (Tummy time, grasping objects, standing and crawling).
     Please take time out of your busy schedules to read your child's daily sheet everyday.  Any items that we may need for your child will be written as a reminder to you to bring the item(s) to school.

Reminders for the classroom:

-bottles must be labeled daily with the child's name and the current date
-blankets are not allowed in the cribs with the babies

-The Twinkling Toddlers-

          We would like to remind each of  you that your child needs a crib fitted sheet, as well as a blanket, at the beginning of every week.  On Fridays, please remember to take your child's sheet and blanket home to wash.

Thank you!

-Tumbling Tigers-

July is here!
Time is really moving along and the Tumbling Tigers are growing right before our eyes. 
During the first week in July, we will discuss Independence Day, our flag, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 
During the second week in July, we will focus on Ocean Animals. We will learn what animals live in the ocean and what they eat.  If your child has a favorite toy ocean animal, they may bring it in to share with the class.
The third week in July we will have a camping theme.  We will setup a "camp" outdoors and enjoy a picnic for lunch.  Please look for more information soon.
During the fourth week we will learn about the beach.  We will discuss what to take to the beach and what to do at the beach, as well as locations and safety at the beach. We will end beach week by having a water day! 
During the last week of July, we will discuss the jungle and what animals live in the jungle.  We will watch a small clip of the jungle book for the students to see a real live jungle. 
We look forward to a great and exciting month!

Ms. Gadsden